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Welcome to my personal landing page.

I am an executive with global work experience and with a great passion for the arts.
Talking arts, I mean what I like and find interesting.

While I am running creative businesses I also engage with non-profit organisations and projects.
It is my intrinsic need for purpose and intellectual challenges. To question. To rethink. To develop.

I believe this is creating value. For people and for businesses.

If you are looking for exchanging ideas or sharing impulses – just make contact:

Linkedin      E-Mail

My current commitments:

cognard kws agency

kws werbeagentur. Managing Director

Bringing together a highly professional team of experts in marketing and design. We shaped a modern, agile and forward-thinking communications agency at the slope of a meteor crater (in the middle of nowhere) --> kws

#kwswerbung #kwslife #kreativimkrater #team #change #restructure

cognard projekt kulturhof
Projekt Kulturhof.

It is called a project to emphasize its ongoing development. Projekt Kulturhof is a wholistic idea of creating an independent, creative and sustainable space – to live and to work there.

#projektkulturhof #buyingart #kunstkaufen #kunst #arts #holzskulpturen #woodart #sustainability #natur #unique #unikart

cognard art sponsor
Art Sponsor

for example: Head of the Advisory Board at the female artists association GEDOK Franken e.V., supporter of the art society like Paul Klinger Künstlersozialwerk e.V. or the regional art Museum Donau-Ries.

#gedok #kunstfördern #wirkünstler #paulklinger #kunstmuseum #kunstverein #artsponsor

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